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Recalling Deeds Immortal, Florida Monuments to the Civil War

Destination: Civil War

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DESTINATION: CIVIL WAR is a listing of Civil War heritage sites that are open for the public to visit. View a map of all of these sites with Google Maps or download the Google Earth file.

On January 10, 1861 Florida seceded from the Union and was soon involved in a Civil War that changed forever our nation and its people.  Though far from the main theaters of war, Florida saw conflict, suffering, and loss within its borders and on distant battlefields where native sons were sent to fight.  Florida’s economy was at first crippled by an effective naval blockade, and soon transformed to support the Confederate war effort by supplying critical staples such as salt and beef. 

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in Florida, we have developed this Web site as a guide to public places in Florida that tell the story of the Civil War and the movement to preserve its lessons.  Many are significant archaeological sites.  All are worthy of a visit and respectful reflection.  Included are battlefields, fortifications, plantations, arsenals, the state capitol, cemetery plots, monuments, shipwrecks, and museum exhibits.  We invite you to include these places into your travels whether you live in Florida or are planning a vacation or business trip to the state.

Content for this web resource has been developed by FPAN Executive Director Dr. William Lees, with the collaboration of Fred Gaske of Tallahassee and the assistance of FPAN staff throughout the state. We would also like to thank Dr. Eugene Flemm of Dunedin, Florida, for sharing with us information on monuments that he has collected through the years.