FPAN can help facilitate speakers for meetings of your civic group, community organization, youth club, or heritage society, and for lecture series and special events.

Most presentations last about 30-45 minutes with additional time for questions, although programs usually can be tailored for your needs. Specific topics are dependent on speaker availability, so book early! There is no charge for presentations, although donations are gratefully accepted to support FPAN educational programs.

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Presentation Topics

Florida’s Prehistoric Technology

Today when we think of technology we think of cell phones and computers, but what technology did Native Americans in Florida use to survive? This presentation discusses just that! We even have some replica tools that students can hold and touch to get a real feel for how these tools would have been used!

Introduction to Archaeology for Kids

This presentation focuses on the basics of archaeology, including what archaeologists do and how they do it in such a way that it is easily understandable. This presentation can be tailored so that it suits younger and older students, and it can be combined with a hands-on activity as well.

Learning about Florida Prehistory

This presentation teaches the audience about the different culture periods in Florida’s Prehistory, from Paleoindian times through the Historic Period. This presentation uses basic terms and is easy to understand. It is a fun presentation that is appropriate for both children and adults.

Historic Cemeteries as Cultural Resources

This presentation provides information on how historic cemeteries can be used in research and what information they can provide. It also touches on the basics of how to properly clean and maintain historic cemeteries. It also touches on some of the meanings of common symbols that you find in historic cemeteries. The presentation also provides resources for locating professional curators and conservators to assist with historic cemetery restoration.

Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation and Heritage Tourism

Heritage tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry. This presentation discusses the economic, as well as other benefits of historic preservation and heritage tourism. Great for groups considering heritage tourism projects.

Digging through the China Cabinet: An Archaeological Perspective on Ceramics

This lecture discusses the different type of historic ceramics commonly found throughout Florida at historic archaeological sites. It also discusses the manufacturing techniques used to create the various vessels commonly associated with each type.

Spanish Florida

A brief overview of the Spanish in Florida, including the Spanish Missions, focusing on Mission San Luis and the Apalachee. The presentation ends with a discussion on how the Spanish have had a lasting influence on Florida’s heritage. This presentation can be altered to cater to any age group (adult or children).

Introduction to Underwater Archaeology

This presentation discusses the differences and similarities between terrestrial and underwater archaeology. It provides a good basic understanding of how archaeologists conduct underwater excavations. It also touches on the unique preservation issues relating to objects that archaeologist find at submerged archaeological sites.

Native People, Native Plants

This presentation discusses how plants have been used as medicine and food in Florida by prehistoric people and early settlers in Florida. This presentation was developed for Florida Archaeology Month 2011, but continues to be relevant and of interest to the public.

The Turpentine Industry in North Florida

This presentation discusses the turpentine and naval store industry in Florida and the impacts it had on the economy, industry and the state’s history. This presentation is geared towards adults and can be modified to reflect the local history of any region in Florida.

“Dear Friends at Home”: Becoming Acquainted with a Civil War Soldier through His Letters Home

Melvan Tibbetts was a Union soldier occupying Pensacola for a portion of the Civil War. We are very lucky to have the 20 letters that he wrote home to his family in Maine. These letters supply a wealth of information about West Florida during the Civil War, but they also provide a strong sense of familiarity with Melvan himself. This presentation demonstrates how much of an author's personality is contained in historical documents and how this results in a more personal understanding of the past for the reader.

Falling Soldiers

This presentation looks at the current debate surrounding the removal or retention of Confederate monuments. The goal is to encourage productive discussion of the issue and to help communities make informed decisions regarding their monuments. We are not providing answers, only valuable information. This presentation is appropriate for all opinions on the matter.