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June 1-2, 2017 at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida

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The Northeast Center of the Florida Public Archaeology Network at Flagler College in St. Augustine is excited to host cemetery preservationists from across the state for the 3rd Cemetery Resource Protection Training Conference (CRPTc III), June 1-2, 2017!

Registration is still open, but room is limited. The two-day conference will include papers on case studies around the state, the first public presentation on preliminary findings from the Los Remedios burials, and a keynote address by Margo Stringfield from the University of West Florida Archaeology Institute on Thursday, June 1. The following day, registrants can participate in hands-on workshops in two of Florida’s oldest cemeteries, tour downtown endangered burial sites, and listen to talks on special topics Friday afternoon at Flagler College.

For more information, contact Emily Jane Murray.

The Cemetery Resource Protection Training workshop focuses on cemetery care and protection. Participants explore cemeteries as historical resources, laws that protect them, conserving headstone and markers, managing cemetery landscapes, and practice hands-on headstone cleaning with a D-2 solution. By the end of the course, participants are well-versed in discussing issues surrounding basic protection of historic cemeteries and are encouraged to fill out at least one Florida Master Site File to record a historic cemetery over the next year.

The classroom session includes a series of short discussions on:

  • Cemeteries as cultural resources
  • Managing historic cemeteries
  • Laws that protect marked and unmarked burials
  • Recording historic cemeteries for the Florida Master Site File
  • And more…

The in-field training includes:

  • A site tour
  • Cemetery landscape and headstone documentation activities
  • Cleaning headstones with D2 biological solution

Contact your regional Public Archaeology Coordinator for more information
or to schedule a workshop at your local historic cemetery!

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2014 1st Annual CRPT Conference at Evergreen Cemetery, Gainesville

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